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Dianna Shyne Artist’s Statement

I paint whatever subject compels me at the moment; whatever is infused with beauty, mystery or drama... whatever is calling to me.

 The love of painting draws me to portraiture and figurative painting, when tiny  nuances in gesture or expression draw from the memory and emotion of the viewer.

The love of painting takes me to the still life, to capture the silent flow of  lavender, cloudy-day light falling from an open window, or to the landscape,

where the combination of land forms, water and cloud create endless compositions.

The love of painting also takes me to more interior landscapes where abstract feelings come to life.

I love everything about painting… the weight and feel of the brush in my hand,

that initial squeeze from a new tube of paint, the first stroke on a fresh canvas,

the moment when I lock into that timeless place of absorption, or that one perfect elusive stroke.

Painting is a delight, a meditation and practice in present moment awareness.  It is also an opportunity for me to communicate my love of life with others.



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