Acrylic Workshop Materials and Equipment

Basic Equipment

 * PALETTE:  11” x 15” white Chinese butcher tray OR a  Masterson's sta-wet palette

    OR a metal cookie sheet OR a large flat plastic container with lid.

  * One package Masterson’s Sta-wet Pro Palette  Papers  10”x 14”  !!!!   

 * PAPER TOWELS: (shop towels are my preferred brand)

 *  Water container (a plastic peanut butter tub with a handle and a lid works great)

  * Sketch book and sketch supplies


Acrylics can be used on any of these surfaces.

   Choose from: Canvas, Watercolor  Paper coated with gesso, Watercolor Board,  Multimedia  Art Board,    Masonite, Ampersand Gesso Boards, Canvas Board, Wood Panels,

                    * Make sure the painting surface is prepared with acrylic gesso.

  (Support size should be 16" x 20" or smaller at first... Larger if you are more experienced)

   ALSO bring small 8 x 10 or smaller gessoed watercolor papers or canvas for practice

Acrylic Paints

   (heavy body, high quality, professional grade)

  1.  Titanium White (cool opaque white) large tube              

  2.  Diarilyde Yellow or Cadmium Yellow Deep (warm deep yellow)             

  3.  Yellow Oxide  (opaque warm earthtone yellow)  

  4. Primary Yellow, Or Hansa Yellow Light (Light Bright Clear Yellow)

  5.  Organic Vermillion or Napthal Red Lt.   (both are warm light reds)  

  6.  Quinacridone Magenta (cool deep red)

  7.  Quinacridone Burnt Orange  (Golden Brand)(transparent warm earthtone orange- for         underpainting and making rich warm darks, browns  and convincing greens)

  8.  Cerulean Blue Chromium Hue(neutral blue for grays and cool  shadows)

  9   Ultramarine Blue (cool purpley blue)

 10. Phthalo Blue (GS) (greenish blue transparent warm )

 Optional Colors  

 Cadmium Orange

  Quinacridone Gold (transparent warm- earthtone yellow, great for   washes, underpainting and glazing)

 Dioxazine Purple (a great color for creating rich deep browns and blacks)

Acrylic Fiber Brushes

  * Bring a large assortment of edges and sizes.

     My personal preference is flats and brights ¼” -1 ½” (“Snap” brand brushes by Princeton are  a great      value and hold up to acrylics very well)

  * DO NOT bring hog bristle brushes as they do not react well in water and are too stiff for  acrylic paint.

  * One small detail or signature brush

  * One inexpensive 3" hardware store house painting brush (for gesso textures)

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