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Gallery #9: After the Harvest Series

     In late October of 2005 I was walking through an orchard after the trees had been harvested.  I was very troubled as I had just heard the news that a beloved friend was losing her battle with breast cancer and had only a short time to live.

     As I walked through the filtering light,   I noticed that there was beautiful ripe fruit left behind after the harvesters had gone...and it reminded me of a richly lived life cut short with still so much to offer.  It was such a waste.

     Lovely Monica passed away a few weeks later, leaving behind so much.   But it was then that I realized that nothing in her life had been wasted.  Friends and loved ones picked up and continued her legacy of joy and love.  

    I dedicated this series to Monica Gotz  and her short but fruitful life.  She is loved and missed.

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