Dianna Shyne
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Latch  18" x 14" acrylic on masonite Secure  12" x 12" acrylic on masonite Scupper 12" x 24" acrylic on canvas Union  12" x 24" acrylic on Canvas UnHinged  #1  12" x 16" acrylic on Masonite UnHinged #2  12" x 12" acrylic on Masonite Peeling Paint 18" x 14" UnHinged #3 Rusted 12" x 16" acrylic on masonite Americana 18 x 24 Vestige  18 x 24 Overgrown  14 x 18 Pail Shadow 18" x 14" acrylic on Masonite Rope Shadow 14" x 18" acrylic on masonite

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Retro Cafe 18 x 24 Remnant  18 x 24 Just Outside the Cafe Door 20 x 16


In this series, I attempted to take ideas about aging boats and architecture and render them into abstraction by zooming in on important elements.  I took fresh paint to render peeled paint and rust.  I played with the abstract, however, by rendering the images tightly, retaining some of the original detail. I played the  ideas of old and new, abstract and real against each other including interesting textures.